National Chamber Hosts the High Commissioner of Canada

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National Chamber Hosts  the High Commissioner of Canada

The National Chamber of Commerce is holding a bilateral trade session with  the High Commissioner of Canada, Madam Shelley Whiting on Tuesday 28 April 2015 from 3.00 to 4.30 p.m at the National Chamber Auditorium No 450 D.R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo-10. At this session the participants will get an opportunity to interact with the High Commissioner of Canada  and officials of the High Commision to discuss any issues with regard to trade with Canada.

Trade and Economic relations between Sri Lanka and Canada have increased over the years. “Apparel and clothing” has been the main item of export from Sri Lanka to Canada, which accounted to 54% of the total value of Sri Lanka`s exports to Canada in the past years. Other main items of exports to Canada are retreated or used pneumatic tyres of rubber, compounded rubber, raw bristle fibre of coconut (coir), tea, gloves, mittens & mitts, new pneumatic rubber tyres, other articles of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber and preparations of cereals etc. Imports of wheat & muslin accounted for 83% of the value of total imports from Canada during the past  years. Other main imports from Canada are iron or steel & its articles, dried leguminous vegetables, shelled, whether or not skinned or split, newsprint, in roll or sheets,  plastics and articles thereof, uncoated craft paper & paperboard,  and optical photographic, cinematographic etc.

Products and services which have potentials  from Sri Lanka to Canada are, Textile and apparel, Gem and jewellery, Rubber based products, Ceramics, Confectionary items, Leather products, Fresh & processed food. For reservation for the session, kindly contact chamber TP 4741788 Mrs Fouad or email


6 April 2015

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