The National Chamber Welcomes Economic Policy outline of the Government.

The National Chamber Welcomes Economic Policy outline of the Government.

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka welcomes Economic Policy outline given by the honorable Prime Minister in a special address at the Parliament  on 5th November 2015. The National Chamber appreciates the measures taken  by the government on sustainable economic policies which would be beneficial for the country. Even with unfavorable global economic conditions the   government’s determination in strengthening the local economic growth and stability is much appreciated by the National Chamber.

Promoting Innovation and productive growth, generating of one million job opportunities in the Private Sector, enhancing income levels, development of rural economy, ensuring land ownership to rural and estate sectors, the middle class and government employees creating a wide and a strong middle class, creating the background needed to enter the global value system are much appreciated.Encouraging small and medium and large scale farmers and entrepreneurs to participate in the global economy, encouraging competitive international organizations to invest in Sri Lanka, bring about the digitization of the economy and encouraging local investments are also commendable.

Further, policy directions on empowering citizens through construction of housing schemes for the middle class in urban and semi-urban areas by offering tax concessions to investors those who come forward to fund these ventures,the focus on State-Owned Enterprises and measures to be taken to review them would be much favorable for the Sri Lankan economy.

Ensuring transparency on all state purchases, working towardsrural economic development with setting up of large-scale agricultural enterprises where farmers can be members and setting up of agro marketing authority which leads to growth of agri exports of the country is also commendable.Use of new technology to maximize fishing capabilities will add much to the economy of the country.

Tea, rubber and paddy are considered to be criticalagri productsin our economy and the National Chamber welcomes quick measures to be taken to solve problems faced by these sectors,and  developingthese sectors will have greater positive  impact on our economy.

Further, the National Chamber hails measures taken on tourism development, skills development, FDI attraction, women empowerment, low tax regime, reducing budget deficit  to 3.5%, the super gain tax removal. It is with pride that National Chamber mentions that many of the proposals are much in line with the National Chamber macro policy framework published recently. 

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka


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